Fall 2014

Final projects

  • Paranoia: Another Encrypted File System (Happy Enchill, Quan Nguyen, Aakriti Shroff): writeup, code.

  • Package Manager Security (Anish Athalye, Rumen Hristov, Viet-Tran Nguyen, Qui Nguyen): writeup and code not available yet.

  • CheckBits (Ada Taylor, Brendan Chang, Erica Du, Parker Tew): writeup, code.

  • Pretty Good Chat (Alex Grinman, Philippe Schiff, Jonathan Stoller): writeup, code.

  • friend.me: A private social networking webapp (Alin Tomescu, Prashant Vasudevan, Sachin Shinde): writeup, code.

  • Chatterbox (Andres Erbsen, Asya Bergal, David Kaufman): writeup, code.

  • TorCoin (Benjamin Chrobot, Derek Lax, Daniel O'Donovan): writeup, code 1, code 2.

  • OK: OAuth 2.0 interface for the Kerberos V5 Authentication Protocol (James Max Kanter, Bennett Cyphers, Bruno Faviero, John Peebles): writeup, code.

  • FogVault: a (partial) solution for transparent client­side cloud storage encryption (Ben Yuan, Megan O'Leary, Ivan Ferreira Antunes Filho): writeup, code.

  • Kerby: Kerberos Credentials Manager System for Android (Deborah Chen, Catherine Zuo, Shiyang Liu, Isra Shabir): writeup, code 1, code 2, code 3.

  • Breaking Quake (David Bocek, Victoria Gunning, Louis Lamia): writeup.

  • Hacking MIT (Andrew Fasano, Kevin Mustelier, Favyen Bastani): writeup not available yet.

  • Coq Framework for security policies and proof of concept application (Anders Kaseorg, Jason Gross, Peng Wang): writeup, code.

  • Dryer21, a Bitcoin Anonymizer Service (Adam Suhl, Danny Ben-David, Peter Schmidt-Nielsen): writeup, code.

  • Progressive Authentication in iOS (Genghis Chau, Denis Plotnikov, Edwin Zhang): writeup, code 1, code 2.

  • Merkelized Abstract Syntax Trees (Jeremy Rubin, Manali Naik, Nitya Subramanian): writeup, code.

  • Concolic Execution for Django Applications (Luke Anderson, Jon Gjengset, Jeevana Inala, Andrew Wang): writeup, code 1, code 2.

  • Multi-trace Concolic Execution Framework (Kyel Ok, Joonwon Choi, Chanwoo Chung): writeup, code.

  • AutoPS: A Suite of Tools for Privilege Separation in Software Systems (Amruth Venkatraman, Jonathan Chien, Thomas Lu, Jeffrey Sun): writeup, code.

  • FyreBox - Encrypted File System (Natnael Getahun, Michelle Johnson, David Ogutu, Willy Vasquez): writeup, code.

  • KBox: An Encrypted File System (Giulio Gueltrini, Kathleen Laverty, Nicholas Paggi, Varun Ramaswamy): writeup, code.

  • In­Browser Certificate Tracking System for Protection Against MITM Attacks (Changping Chen, Xinyue Deng, Xiaomin Wang): writeup, code.

  • DarkFS - An Encrypted File System (Arjun Narayanan, Yuta Kato): writeup, code.

  • Wooster: Mandatory Access Control for Rails (Julian Bangert, Alexander Lin, Julia Huang): writeup, code.

  • Trusted Computing on Athena (Benjamin Tidor, Eric Mannes, Gaurav Singh): writeup, code.

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