Spring 2020

Past quizzes

Online quiz 2 for 6.858 spring 2020

The quiz will be distributed via the submission web site, at the link below (you can also access the assigned quiz PDF by logging into the submission web site and clicking the link for assign-quiz2.pdf). The submission site will report that it cannot find the file until we post the quiz.

You will have two hours to complete the quiz, starting from the time you download the quiz PDF. You will have an additional 30 minute grace period to upload your answers.

To accommodate students in different time zones, you have two hours of flexibility in terms of when to start the quiz. You can start the quiz any time from 9am until 11am US/Eastern time on May 20, 2020. Your start time is determined by when you download the quiz PDF. You will then have two hours to complete your quiz, from that start time.

Questions or comments regarding 6.858? Send e-mail to the course staff at 6858-staff@lists.csail.mit.edu.

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