Fall 2012

Final projects

  • MassPass: an Alternative to Password Managers (Alex Lesman, Giuseppe Zingales, Adrian Miguel): writeup, code.
  • Exploiting common Intent vulnerabilities in Android applications (Kelly Casteel, Owen Derby, Dennis Wilson): writeup, code.
  • Hacking Bluetooth (Elaina Chai, Ben Deardorff, Cathy Wu): writeup, code.
  • The World's Most Advanced Sandbox (Li Haoyi, Tim Kaler, Frank Li, Ivan Sergeev): writeup, code.
  • PAL: Progressive Authentication for Linux (Lefteris Ioannidis, Pavel Panchekha, Evan Thomas, Kenny Lam): writeup, code.
  • CrossPassword: Alternative password input method (Jonathan Wang, Michael Plasmeier, Miguel Flores): writeup, code.
  • Giving the User Control over Android Permissions (Jonas Helfer, Ty Lin): writeup, code.
If you'd like your project to be included, please send email to the course staff -- we would like to publish as many final projects as possible!

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