Spring 2018

Final projects

  • Distributed Authentication on the Ethereum Blockchain (Michael Shumikhin, Sarah Wooders, and Ryan Senanayake): writeup.

  • MUSM: Minimal Universal Secure Messaging (Nikita Samsonau, Allan Costa, and Driss Hafdi): writeup.

  • Concolic Execution in Julia (Valentin Churavy): writeup.

  • DUCKEE GO: Dynamic and User-friendly ConcoliK Execution Engine in GO (Christopher Shao, Grace Yin, and Justin Restivo): writeup.

  • Using the Cuckoo Cycle Proof-Of-Work problem to harden web servers against denial-of-service attacks (Srinivas Kaza): writeup, code.

  • Side-Channel Defense: Defeating Physical Attacks by Measuring Current Draw (Leah Goggin): writeup.

  • Protocol Encryption and Message Stream Encryption for WebTorrent (Brian Gu and Kelvin Lu): writeup.

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