Spring 2017

Final projects

  • SNARL: Simulating Known Actors with Machine Learning (Bryan Cai, Yasyf Mohamedali): writeup, code.

  • Exploratory Machine Learning Analysis of Real Network Log Data (Brandon Carter): writeup, code.

  • Moira and AFS in Theory and Practice: A Survey of Security Awareness in Actual Practices of the MIT Community (Ray Hua Wu): writeup.

  • Hedwig: Secure dialup service with strong per-user sandbox (Erin Main, Lizhou Sha): writeup.

  • Attack Oriented Security Vulnerability Assessment on MIT Web Applications (Jae Hyung Lee): writeup.

  • PreVeil E2EE Email: Security Review (Severyn Kozak, Max Murin, Wendy Wei): writeup.

  • Network Function Virtualization using Native Client (Shivam Handa): writeup, code.

  • Security Vulnerabilities in Open Source Electronic Design Automation Software (Weston Braun): writeup, code.

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