MIT CSAIL Computer Systems Security Group


The computer systems security group researches and builds secure, practical, and flexible systems. Our work spans operating systems, computer architecture, distributed systems, programming languages, and web browsers. We are part of the CSAIL lab and the MIT EECS department.

If you are a student at MIT interested in building secure systems, get in touch with us, or come to our systems security seminar.

If you would like to join MIT and work in our research group as a graduate student, apply to the MIT EECS Ph.D. program.

  • Vuvuzela is a scalable private messaging system that hides metadata.
  • Undo computing is an approach to repairing systems after compromise or corruption.
  • CryptDB protects sensitive information in database-backed applications using encrypted query processing.
  • HiStar is an operating system that minimizes trusted code.
  • Resin is a language runtime that helps programmers write secure applications.
  • Cinder is an operating system providing resource control for mobile devices.
  • BStore is an in-browser system for data sharing between web applications.
  • Practical Linux security is aimed at improving the security of Linux applications.